Single Cacoon


Only Camouflage and Fuscia Cacoons are available, the rest is Sold Out!

The Single Cacoon is big enough for one adult, or a few kids to share.

The size: unladen

∅5′ x 5′(h)
∅1.5m x 1.5m (h)

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Hanging Space Required
Ideal 2.7m X 2.25m or 8′.9″(h) x 7′.4″(w)
Minimum 2.4m X 1/6m pr 7′.8″(h) x 5′.3″(w)

Weight limit: 200kg / 440lbs

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About the single Cacoon

The single Cacoon is our most popular size (just!).

It’s perfect for a single adult to escape the stresses of the day. Picture yourself hanging out, totally relaxed and slowing the pace of life right down.

But wait; do you have kids?

Then you’ve got a fight on your hands. You’ll never keep them out of it. Your Cacoon will quickly become their Cacoon…but hey, that’s life. You might get a look-in now and again (or, you could buy two – how important is your time?).

Take it inside or outdoors.

Is it a tent or a Tardis? A den or a tree house? A wigwam or a Wendy House?


All our Cacoons are made using fabrics developed for the high demands of the marine and camping industries. Anti-mould and treated for UV and water resistance, we use a mix of cotton and polyester in order to retain the soft feel of natural canvas while achieving the longevity of a technical fabric. The fabric is machine washable.

Hanging space required:

Ideal 2.8m X 2.55m or 9′.2″(h) X 8′.4″ (w)
Minimum 2.5m X 1.9m or 8′(h) X 6′.3″ (w)

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Tags: Cacoon | Hammock | Hanging Chair

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