Story of the Cacoon

The Cacoon is the beautiful creation of British husband and wife Nick and Sarah.

Their background is in designing and making sails for ocean-going yachts. They are also experts in architectural fabric and textile technology for onshore structures.

Nick, who started out as a fine furniture maker, is no stranger to creating unique tensile structures with fabric. He’s worked on projects like The Eden Project and the Alpine House at Kew Gardens.

He was commissioned to find a new concept in a post-treatment relaxation chair or hammock by ‘The Scarlet’, luxury Spa Hotel in Cornwall.

And now the star of the show; the Cacoon…

The inspiration

The idea for the Cacoon was born on a Mexican holiday, and sparked by nature.

During a jungle trek Nick and Sarah came across a colony of tiny hanging nests; safe little bolt-holes created by the Weaver bird. They were both immediately struck by their unique beauty; they were so peaceful.

After their long, hot day’s trekking they were enjoying some great food and a few margaritas when inspiration struck.

A long flight home and months of design, iteration and rigorous testing later, their interpretation was complete; the Cacoon.

Just like the Weaver bird, you too can hide away, sheltered and cocooned, but still in touch with your surroundings